Broadcast Graphics / TV Program Branding

TV Title Logo design, Opening title Graphics/Animation, Sting animations, Transitions, L3rd, Animated Map, Story telling animation/motion design, Geography Animations, Bug/Branding, Caption design, Online Editing, PR/Tune-in promo.

NHK Documentary - The First Class "University lecture series"

NHK Cosmomedia Europe, Broadcast: NHK/NHK World
1: Royal Academy Of Music Lecture, 2: Oxford University Lecture. 3: Cambridge University Lecture. 

Opening title, Broadcast Graphics design full package.

Role: Creative Direction; Opening, GFX Package, series of Explanatory Infographics animations.
Sole/Lead designer esigner: Production from concept to compilation.

NHK Documentary - Searching for Agatha Christie

TV Program Branding:  Opening title, Logo, GFX, 5 Animated short films based on Novels. 
Role: Creative Direction, Animation, Graphics production from concept to compilation.